Remove spaces from string

First rule – Never trust your users. Here is the tip to remove spaces from string. 1. Run-If: ‘FIELD’ LIKE “% ” Set-Field: zInt = LENGTH($FIELD$) Set-Field: Field = SUBSTR($FIELD$,0,zInt-1) 2. Set-Field: Field = LTRIM(RTRIM($FIELD$)) 3. Set-Field: REPLACE($FIELD$,” “,””) In the end, it really depends on you. If you need remove all spaces use 2, in 

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Checking client timeouts on AR Server

In ARS8.1 Service Pack 2 is new feature for monitoring timeouts. The BMC Remedy AR System server adds exception logging to the API and SQL server statistics feature. This feature provides additional options for managing API and SQL performance statistics. The key additions are: A new log file, arexception.log, is the repository for all exception-logging activity. The arexception.log 

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