Remove spaces from string

First rule – Never trust your users. Here is the tip to remove spaces from string. 1. Run-If: ‘FIELD’ LIKE “% ” Set-Field: zInt = LENGTH($FIELD$) Set-Field: Field = SUBSTR($FIELD$,0,zInt-1) 2. Set-Field: Field = LTRIM(RTRIM($FIELD$)) 3. Set-Field: REPLACE($FIELD$,” “,””) In the end, it really depends on you. If you need remove all spaces use 2, in 

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Remedy Localization

How to translate forms into different languages

Normally when developing an application in a modern language or framework, you can use a translation library where all messages, labels and sentences can be referred to a code and where a table relates each code with the translated version. So providing the translation table to a translator, no matter if he or she is 

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Checking client timeouts on AR Server

In ARS8.1 Service Pack 2 is new feature for monitoring timeouts. The BMC Remedy AR System server adds exception logging to the API and SQL server statistics feature. This feature provides additional options for managing API and SQL performance statistics. The key additions are: A new log file, arexception.log, is the repository for all exception-logging activity. The arexception.log 

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How to center content in the form

In this example we will make a centered form like a html div with absolute width and left and right margin set to auto; Set Layout Style: Fill in form properties (also form is responsible) Add a panel holder “PH_MainHolder” in the form.  Make sure the holder’s properties are set as mentioned: Display Type:  Collapsible Orientation:  Horizontal 

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