Remove spaces from string

First rule – Never trust your users. Here is the tip to remove spaces from string. 1. Run-If: ‘FIELD’ LIKE “% ” Set-Field: zInt = LENGTH($FIELD$) Set-Field: Field = SUBSTR($FIELD$,0,zInt-1) 2. Set-Field: Field = LTRIM(RTRIM($FIELD$)) 3. Set-Field: REPLACE($FIELD$,” “,””) In the end, it really depends on you. If you need remove all spaces use 2, in 

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How to center content in the form

In this example we will make a centered form like a html div with absolute width and left and right margin set to auto; Set Layout Style: Fill in form properties (also form is responsible) Add a panel holder “PH_MainHolder” in the form.  Make sure the holder’s properties are set as mentioned: Display Type:  Collapsible Orientation:  Horizontal 

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