How to center content in the form

In this example we will make a center page form like a html div with absolute width and left and right margin set to auto;

  1. Set Layout Style: Fill in form properties (also form is responsible)
  2. Add a panel holder “PH_MainHolder” in the form.  Make sure the holder’s properties are set as mentioned:

Display Type:  Collapsible
Orientation:  Horizontal (can be vertical if you want to center in second axis)
Borderless:  True (depends on you, but true is nicer)
Minimum size: 800 (content cannot be thinner)

  1. Add three panels to the panel holder in order: “PH_MainHolder_Left”, “PH_MainHolder_Center”, “PH_MainHolder_Right”.   
  2. Mark all three panels and make a header state to hidden.

Header State: Hidden

  1. Set properties of PH_MainHolder_Left and PH_MainHolder_Right to:
Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 20.46.28

Minimum Size: 2 (same as initial)
Initial Size: 2 (initial size and we have to calculate it main panel)
Maximum Size: 3000  (or can be infinitive J )
Panel State: Expand
Slack Distribution Order: 1

  1. “PH_MainHolder_Center” is panel where all fields should be placed and set following properties:

Minimum Size: 796 (800 – initial slack panels size)
Initial Size: 796 
Maximum Size: 796 
Panel State: Expand
Slack Distribution Order: 0 (default)

This tweak can be used in ARS 7.6 or newer.

Tip: Inside of PH_MainHolder_Center can be inserted another panel holder with same panels and properties but orientation as vertical. Result is that final center panel will be centered in both axes.

Thanks to Dave Sulcer