Maximo – Automation scripts – tips and examples

I’ve started to be working in Maximo project. This system has been developed by IBM but my user-experience with this solution is quite poor. Anyway I’ve found and customize few automation scripts in jython that are checking user’s input in Self Service Center offerings (in my case) but can be placed almost to every field.  Continue reading

Midtier – Custom login page

Sorry for delay, long hangover.. 

Default login page looks like an old-school and bmc provides a simple solution to complete remake. U can make whatever you want and use few required parameters are username, password and URL. Open mid-tier folder on your server and look in /shared/ for login.jsp and login_common.jsp You just need to use a POST method in the form.

How to translate forms into different languages

Normally when developing an application in a modern language or framework, you can use a translation library where all messages, labels and sentences can be referred to a code and where a table relates each code with the translated version. So providing the translation table to a translator, no matter if he or she is a programmer, can easily fulfill it and add a language to the app.

But ARS’ applications translations (localization as referred by BMC) is not as simple as looking at a table of sentences and translate them. Well, it wasn’t. But recently BMC has delivered a “Localization Toolkit”, that simplifies this work.


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Best tip in Remedy Developer? Clear cache.

Today I was thinking about daily problems with BMC Remedy developer studio and have kind of 42 solve everything in app.
Every time when I have a problem with Remedy Developer studio, like errors and exceptions in Console, saving or getting forms, old values ,there is a very easy way how to solve it.

Shutdown the developer studio, clear cache folder and Start the studio again. This is really helpfull! 🙂
Path like: C:\……\BMC Remedy Developer\workspace\devstudiocache\

Change background-color of panel by ActiveLink (workaround)

Hello, I am working as a developer in BMC Remedy environment and would like to share a tips and tricks, this is my first post. My current version is 8.1.02 AIX Sometimes I have a new idea but standard BMC workflow doesn’t support few basic features, also workaround is necessary. BMC provides no option to change bg color of panel by ACL.

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