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Midtier – Custom login page

Sorry for delay, long hangover.. 

Default login page looks like an old-school and bmc provides a simple solution to complete remake. U can make whatever you want and use few required parameters are username, password and URL. Open mid-tier folder on your server and look in /shared/ for login.jsp and login_common.jsp You just need to use a POST method in the form.

How to translate forms into different languages

Normally when developing an application in a modern language or framework, you can use a translation library where all messages, labels and sentences can be referred to a code and where a table relates each code with the translated version. So providing the translation table to a translator, no matter if he or she is a programmer, can easily fulfill it and add a language to the app.

But ARS’ applications translations (localization as referred by BMC) is not as simple as looking at a table of sentences and translate them. Well, it wasn’t. But recently BMC has delivered a “Localization Toolkit”, that simplifies this work.


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Best tip in Remedy Developer? Clear cache.

Today I was thinking about daily problems with BMC Remedy developer studio and have kind of 42 solve everything in app.
Every time when I have a problem with Remedy Developer studio, like errors and exceptions in Console, saving or getting forms, old values ,there is a very easy way how to solve it.

Shutdown the developer studio, clear cache folder and Start the studio again. This is really helpfull! 🙂
Path like: C:\……\BMC Remedy Developer\workspace\devstudiocache\

Change background-color of panel by ActiveLink (workaround)

Hello, I am working as a developer in BMC Remedy environment and would like to share a tips and tricks, this is my first post. My current version is 8.1.02 AIX Sometimes I have a new idea but standard BMC workflow doesn’t support few basic features, also workaround is necessary. BMC provides no option to change bg color of panel by ACL.

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