Maximo – Auditing security groups and authorizations

The Security groups and application authorizations reports are aimed at providing a simple tool to have an high level view of how Maximo security groups are designed and how application authorizations are designed. Download: Security Overview report installation instructions Open the Administration > Report Administration application Create a new record and enter the following information: Report 

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Maximo – Menu – Create a menu items:

A lof of changes, like this, cannot be made via application but via SQL.. damn you IBM. 1. Create a new Test Module INSERT INTO maxmodules (MODULE,DESCRIPTION,MAXMODULESID)VALUES(‘TEST’,’Test Module’,(SELECT NVL(MAX (M.maxmodulesid),0)+1 FROM MAXMODULES M )) 2. Create menus for Test module The module has been created and now we need to put it into the correct position. 

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Maximo – Automation scripts – tips and examples

I’ve started to be working in Maximo project. This system has been developed by IBM but my user-experience with this solution is quite poor. Anyway I’ve found and customize few automation scripts in jython that are checking user’s input in Self Service Center offerings (in my case) but can be placed almost to every field.  IP validation # separated 

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